Luxury holiday at Kuramathi Maldives

The Maldives, nature’s wonder with pristine blue water, clear blue skies, and the warm tropical temperature is a hit among tourists and travellers worldwide. However, as coronavirus stuck the entire world, one of the countries that suffered the most is this island nation which is dependent on tourism and suffered a lot, however, as things The post...

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Digital Health Passports Will Allow S’poreans To Travel Safely, But It Comes With Challenges

Now that COVID-19 vaccines are steadily getting distributed in Singapore and many parts of the world, and with health testing becoming a regular feature of post-pandemic travel, the attention is turning to how travelers can prove they are free from — or are protected against — the deadly virus. Moreover, the recent spate of COVID-19 cases in Singapore...

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India suspends International flights till March-end

Once again, India suspends international flights due to rising cases of coronavirus around the world. And as per the reports, International passenger flights are suspended till March-end, however, cargo flights will continue to operate. India shares travel bubble with 27 countries which include Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bahrain, Ethiopia, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, Iraq, Kuwait, Kenya, The post...

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Italy extends travel ban until March 27

Italy which was one of the epicenters of coronavirus in the year 2020 is now taking enough precautions to check the spread of the new strain of coronavirus. Hence, Italy has extended the travel ban for over 20 regions till March 27. This was announced by Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi thereby limiting travel even The post...

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Odisha limits precautionary measures for travelers from five states.

Odisha government has made a partial modification to its earlier precautionary measures issued to passengers traveling from high-risk states. Now the government has limited measures for passengers traveling from 5 high-risk states instead of 12. Pradipta Mohapatra, Additional Health Secretary, Health and Family Welfare (H&FW) has asked the district authorities to limit the precautionary measures The post...

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