All you need to know about MOF’s S$1.1B Covid-19 support package: Who is entitled to what?

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) announced today (July 23) a S$1.1 billion support package to help businesses and workers cushion the impact of the new Covid-19 restrictions following the emergence of new clusters. Singapore has reverted to phase two (heightened alert) since yesterday, with tighter measures in place until August 18 to curb the worsening virus outbreak. According...

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Leveraging durian season, this new M’sian brand sold 100K kilos of the fruit in a month

Ask anyone about their favourite durian and you’ll likely get answers like Musang King, Blackthorn, D24, D101, and so on. “The fact is, we are only mentioning durian varieties but not thinking about the durian’s brand itself,” Acid Yong realised. “It’s like eating a kiwi and thinking of Zespri or eating an orange and thinking of Sunkist. I...

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The gov’t has been transforming S’pore into a smart nation since 2014, but are we there yet?

Singapore first expressed its ambition to be a smart nation back in November 2014. At the launch of this initiative, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong described smart nation as a nation where “we can create possibilities for ourselves beyond what we imagined possible.” Essentially, Singapore’s smart nation journey endeavours to transform Singapore through technology. A smart nation harnesses...

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One less headache: Why all S’pore businesses should automate their invoice payments

For a busy entrepreneur, five minutes may seem like precious moments. That’s because a day in the life of an entrepreneur usually means irregular working hours, impending tasks, and the constant push for earnings. For small business owners and startup founders, as the business is still small, they spend a lot of time managing administrative and finance-related tasks....

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Local artists need better visibility online, here’s how these M’sian sisters are helping

More platforms in Malaysia are filling the gaps in the local art industry, such as Buttermilk which serves as a “yellow pages” for it, and Cult Creative which works similar to “LinkedIn” for local artists. These platforms are meant to help with local artists’ visibility and networking by consolidating them all in one place. Usually, Malaysian artists then...

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