The Best New Workout Clothes For 2021

Yes, exercise is good for your health, creates endorphins that make you feel chipper, etc. etc. etc. But for some of us (myself included), exercising also presents the enticing opportunity to source and wear an additional category of cute clothing. Scrolling through e-comm sites and filling virtual cars with leggings and sports bras I may, or may not,...

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Canadian Startup OVRY Aims to Make Pregnancy Tests More Affordable & Sustainable

Toronto-native Jackie Rhind got the idea for OVRY, the direct-to-consumer company aiming to make pregnancy and ovulation tests more affordable and sustainable, from personal experience. Rhind has a blood clotting disorder that precludes her from taking hormonal birth control and would often find herself buying pregnancy tests at pharmacies where the markup was high and the tests had...

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Halsey Unveils About Face Makeup

Another day, another celebrity beauty line. Today, Halsey announced About Face, a vegan and cruelty-free line of colour cosmetics. The singer/songwriter, whose real name is Ashley Frangipane, is the latest person in a long, long line of celebs (Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga and Rihanna, to name just four) in launching her own beauty product line. “Makeup...

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How 5 Creatives Manage Their Mental Health

For centuries, we’ve accepted the belief that creativity is connected with the burden of an unsound mind. Countless members of the fashion world have burned out, fallen from grace and, in the most tragic of cases, taken their own lives because the way the industry has often functioned – quickly, unscrupulously – has left little room for some...

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Mickey Boardman Makes the Case for All Sequins, All the Time

“Sequins are great to wear for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” announces Mickey Boardman while sitting cross-legged in his Lower Manhattan apartment. It’s a cozy boîte that explodes with colour and kitsch from every available space, thanks to his predilection for anything rainbow-hued and charmingly retro. As the editorial director of Paper magazine, where he interned in the early...

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